Sabra Love, Customer Experience Coordinator & Co-Founder

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I have been a Marketing Consultant / Business Development Exec / Personal Assistant in the Adult Entertainment Industry for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing professionals, as well as thousands of clients. All this has required extensive research and networking, so I assist in getting industry professionals to the next level of success. 

As a former Sex Worker, I also understand having to wear many hats and juggle many personalities when in the process of managing your professional versus your personal life, which at times can be overwhelming. With that in mind, I started, to assist other industry professionals successfully manage juggling those hats.

Twenty-plus years working in PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Business Development, with a strong emphasis in Arts, Entertainment, Media, Film, and Fashion, has given me a creative edge which has been indispensable in this Industry. In addition, I worked as a Corporate Trainer for over ten years, developing successful teams for a Fortune 500 company. 

Currently, I am the HBIC, Art Director, and Head Stylist for, a photo production company focusing on custom photography, client services, and portfolio development, as well as Events Organization, where our primary focus is to produce charitable soirées.

I have a very straight-forward approach, mixed with humor and peppered with a lot of creativity. I have a unique style of communicating, and I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of the “It Takes a Village” way of thinking. 

Joining PeepMe was uniquely personal for me, When given the opportunity to work with my twin sister, I couldn’t refuse. We have always worked in separate areas of the same industry, and when I was given the chance to work with her, I was 100000% in. As someone who works closely with providers, who manage several different revenue streams via social media, offers the advantage of putting things under one roof, versus having several different platforms to manage.

Working with the Peep Team has given me the opportunity to enhance my team-building skills. As someone who has been a lone-wolf freelancer, I have now found myself surrounded by an amazing group of individuals who I’m looking forward to learning from. I consider it a privilege that I get the opportunity to be educated by some of the industry’s top professionals. 

As a Producer, I’ve always liked being the person behind the scenes. I love working with adult professionals and the rainbow of personalities I get to come into contact with every single day. Working at in a Client Services capacity allows me to be the ultimate facilitator of a really good time, as well as maximizing my problem-solving skills, and I relish that experience above all others. Much like a chameleon, I can adapt to different environments with ease. My catchphrase for my business is “Every SuperHero Needs a Sidekick,” and I’m blessed to be available to sidekick a whole League of SuperHeroes through this platform!

You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter, both at @SabraJewell.

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