Kirsty D, Project Manager & Co-Founder

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My experience is quite varied, and it seems to be the perfect mix to bring to my role as the Project Manager for PeepMe.

Twelve years ago, I studied and got licensed as a natural-birth midwife. This was a calling for me, to support women through one of the most transformational times of their lives. 

I loved doing that work, but when I moved to another country where they didn’t recognize my licensing, I changed careers. I shifted into the world of events and project management, which was a natural fit for me – organization, planning, creativity, and human interaction are my strengths. For the last decade, I have stayed mostly in this field.

A couple of years ago, I became the Team Manager for a popular online dating platform; working there grew my desire for supporting women, as well as all people who choose to do Adult work. was a natural progression from that last job, as three of us on this team had previously worked really well together at the dating platform.

My position at PeepMe brings together my experience of project and people management and provides me with the opportunity to be part of something game-changing for the adult industry.

My commitment is to assist in helping PeepMe turn the adult industry into an inclusive, uplifting, and abundant work option for all types of adult industry people…Peep-le!

You can follow me on Twitter at @KirstyD93116235.

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