Jade Rulz, President & Co-Founder

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I came to PeepMe because one of my best friends, Donia Love, reached out to tell me about an idea she had for a platform. She asked if I’d like to join her, and even before I knew exactly what she was dreaming about, I was certain I did. The enthusiasm and passion she spoke with – about creating a “sex worker first and sex worker always” online platform, which valued and uplifted a community of really powerful and amazing people – was too good to pass up. I had to do some serious soul-searching about whether or not I was ready to make the commitment, but ever since our first chat, I have consistently believed in her vision. Now, I’m just grateful to be here, surrounded by this awesome group of visionaries. 

In an industry that is often misrepresented and maligned by our culture, the media, and politics, it takes a really strong sense of self to not fall prey to the judgments of others. This sense of confidence in myself, and my ability to communicate with compassion, are what I consider my most valuable assets in this company. I am also highly pragmatic, a great team player, and a quick learner, which has been especially helpful in my first foray into this world. 

I feel the thing that sets PeepMe apart from other platforms, aside from our minimal fees and our profit-sharing, is that we know sex workers are what will make us great – and therefore, our loyalty is to them first and foremost. Too many times, we have watched successful platforms navigate away from explicit content, and boot their most prolific creators because they wanted to sanitize their image. We are here for those people left behind those corporate shifts. We’re here for the brazen, the bold, and the daring. We’re proud of you, and we’d be honored if you’d share your content with your fans on PeepMe.

The adult industry is full of diverse people and experiences. And while there is no universally shared experience, there does seem to be a consistent desire: people want to be seen and valued for the work that they do. It’s hard to feel respected when society tells you that what you’re doing is wrong.  Fortunately, that view is evolving albeit slowly. I want PeepMe to move the needle on that perspective – I want PeepMe to be a place where creators feel seen, supported, and uplifted. I want us to change the way content creators are viewed and treated, and to bring the industry along to our point of view, too. Creators are why we are here, and we want you to know it. 

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